Mover with Hand Cart Illustration

Trading Places: Preparing to Move

We can all agree that moving is the WORST.CHORE.EVER.  However, like taxes, it is an unavoidable part of grown-up life. Here is a checklist and some tips and tricks to ...

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Swipe Right for this ‘Hood (Vancouver Edition)

What neighbourhood is right for you?  Your lifestyle, preferences and location requirements are all key to deciding where to live. Are you are looking for a strong sense of community? ...

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Vancouver Chinatown City Guide

Neighbourhood Guide – Chinatown

LOWDOWN For the designer or tech worker looking for a historic neighbourhood with an artistic edge, Chinatown blends colorful Vancouver history with new, mid- and high-rise developments that appeal to dedicated ...

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Vintage Apartment Design Ideas

Vintage Vibes – Vintage Apartment Design Ideas

With the ubiquity of design shows and magazines, we are inundated with ideas and inspiration but how do we make our space truly our own?  One option is to source ...

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Decluttering Your Kitchen

Less is More – Decluttering your Kitchen

How to pare your space to perfection with a few easy tips. Moving into a new place serves a great purpose – it offers you the perfect opportunity to shed belongings ...

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View from Vancouver Hike

Step into the Wild – Hikes near Vancouver

You’d be challenged to find another similar-sized city that offers true back country hiking experiences 30 minutes from its urban doorstep. Vancouver has well deserved bragging rights in this department ...

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Smart Tech for Dog Owners

Wired Pets – Best Tech Gadgets for Pet Owners

The latest in pet tech can revolutionize your life and your dog’s. Here are a few of our favourites: The WAGGIT collar was designed to improve the quality of your dog’s life ...

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Vintage Barber Illustration

Gentleman’s Guide: West End Vancouver

The West End is home to some of the city’s most vibrant thoroughfares, best beaches and the biggest city park this side of NYC.  The western reaches of Robson Street, ...

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Downtown Vancouver Map Illustration

Adulting 101 – Renting for the First Time

Renting For The First Time   There’s always a first for everything. And renting your first place can be a daunting task. We’ve outlined some tips to make the rental process for ...

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Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver

Boom! Best Spots to Watch the Fireworks

Best Places to Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver Nothing like Vancouver’s Annual Honda Celebration of Light fireworks to punctuate your summer! On July 28th, August 1st and August ...

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