Less is More – Decluttering your Bathroom

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Moving into a new place serves a great purpose – it offers you the perfect opportunity to shed belongings and simplify your life.   The perfect edit not only unclutters your surroundings, it unclutters your mind.  In this series, we’ll help you pare your space to perfection with a few easy tips.



Medicine Cabinet – Audit the contents of your medicine cabinet.  How old is that cough syrup? Do you really need 3 bottles of rubbing alcohol and 6 bottles of sunscreen? And, note, sunscreen expires too.  Discard all expired products and medication.

Photo: The ultimate medicine cabinet organization via Martha Stewart by @newtonkitchens

Daily Products – Only keep products you use on a daily basis in the bathroom. First aid supplies can be stored elsewhere. And you are not a shark – only one toothbrush required at a time. Throw the others away.

Drawers – These should not be junk drawers. Buy a plastic kitchen utensil organizer and use it in your bathroom drawer to keep items sorted.

Ladder – Lean a ladder against your bathroom wall. If space is tight, have it straddle the toilet. This is a practical storage solution for towels and toilet paper if the rungs are dowels.

Photo: Ladder agains bathroom wall by @marcialovesit

Containers – Use Mason jars to store make up brushes, toothbrushes and any other loose items.

Wall mounted holders and small shelves – To clear up space around the sink, mount small holders for soaps or toothbrushes or shelves to hold baskets and containers.

Photo: Small shelves for bathroom decoration by @joannajwestwood

The bathroom is typically a smaller space so cleanliness and orderliness are particularly important.  Hopefully, these simple, inexpensive tips help you keep your bathroom space neat and tidy!


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