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Thanks to the proliferation of car sharing companies, there is now an alternative to car ownership especially in Vancouver – the car sharing capital of North America. And, really, as nice as it is to have your own set of wheels, a car comes with its fair share of expenses and headaches — all of which are eliminated with car sharing.

Whether you want to make one last trip to Whytecliff Park before the summer fades, stock up on dorm necessities at IKEA, or are tired of being at the mercy of bus schedules, car sharing programs are here to help you.  And, thankfully for us, we live in a city with over 3000 vehicles enrolled in the network ensuring convenience as well as cost savings.

Here we provide a quick rundown on the 4 companies currently operating fleets in Vancouver – Car2Go, Evo, Modo, ZipCar. We have provided basic rates but always check company websites for special offers and new rate packages.

A list and rundown of the top Vancouver car sharing companies



Photo: Car2Go by @lupinaro

The most ubiquitous, most visible fleet around town belongs to Car2Go. Their signature 2 seater Smart Cars are truly their best advertising. However, they’ve recently augmented their fleet with slick, 4 seater Mercedes CLA sedans and crossover GLAs. They offer flexible one-way driving plans meaning you can hop in a car whenever and wherever and return it to any approved public, on-street parking within the Vancouver Home Area (for free, of course).  Cars can be reserved 30 minutes ahead of time.

There is an extra fee charged for parking at the designated car2go areas at the airport.


Registration Fee: $5 (often waived for students) plus $10 free car2go credit
Annual Fee: $2/year
Rates: $0.41/ minute or $14.99/hour or $84.99/day (also  check out 1 hour- 2 day special package rates).
Note: These rates are an average between Smart fortytwo 2-seater pricing and Mercedes CLA/GLA pricing.

Trips lasting over 8 hours are subject to an extra $1.50 charge and  an additional $0.45 per extra km over 200km.



Photo: Evo car with bike rack by Driveway

Billed as the original 4 seater service, these cars are all fully kitted out with bike/ski racks and full size trunks. They offer the same one-way trip freedom as car2go PLUS free parking at the airport, Grouse Mountain, UBC and some other schools. In addition, BCAA members can register for free and receive a 10% discount on driving rates.  Cars can be reserved 30 minutes ahead of time.


Registration Fee: $35
Annual Fee: $2/year
Rates: $0.41/ minute or $14.99/hour or $89.99/day

Trips lasting over 8 hours are subject to an extra $1.50 charge and over 200km, an additional $0.45 per extra km,



Photo: Modo car by @modo_carcoop

Modo offers a diverse fleet of sedans, mini vans, trucks etc. so you can reserve a vehicle that suits your specific needs. Whether you need to carpool, pick up furniture or drive to Seattle, there is a right-sized Modo to serve you. This is a round trip service, however, so cars must be returned to the spot you found them. Modo operates as a coop vs. a pay as you go service and allows for cross border travel. Modo now accepts drivers 16 and over with at least an L license.


Registration Fee: $10 (non refundable)
Monthly: $8
Rates: $9/hour (to a max of $72 per 24 hours/$27 max between 7pm-9am).  Larger or premium vehicles have slightly higher rates.   250 km included per booking,  $0.30/km thereafter

Fees Modo Plus:

Registration Fee: $500 (refundable once account closed) + $1 annual admin fee
Rates:  $5/hour (to a max of $50 per 24 hours/$15 max between 7pm-9am). Larger larger or premium  vehicles have slightly higher rates.  $0.30/km



Photo: Zipcar by @zipcar

Like Modo, ZipCars are a round trip car sharing service.  Available by the hour or b y the day, you have to return these cars to the place you found them. This makes their use less flexible but they do allow you to reserve ahead of time and allow you to cross the border. In addition, their fleet includes sedans, hatchbacks, luxury vehicles, vans etc. so you can reserve the vehicle best suited to your needs.  Also, they have partnered with some buildings to provide special offers to residents so if you register, make sure you check the drop-down list of participating buildings. Currently, they are offering a freed 30 day trial membership if you register before September 30.

Fees – Occasional Driving Plan:

Registration Fee: $25
Annual Fee: $35/year
Monday – Thursday: $7.75/hour OR $76/day ($0.30 per km over 200 km a day)
Friday – Sunday: $9/hour OR $79/day ($0.30 per km over 200 km a day)

Zip Car also has Monthly Driving and Extra Value Plans.  Check their website for details.

Pricing Summary*

Company Registration Fee Minute Rate Hourly Rate Daily rate
Car2go $5 $0.41 ** $14.99 ** $84.99 **
Evo $35 $0.41 $14.99 $89.99
Modo $10 n/a $9 $72
Zip $25 n/a $7.75 $76

*Please reference company websites for specific terms and conditions, annual rates etc. Prices subject to change.

** These rates are an average between Smart fortytwo 2-seater pricing and Mercedes CLA/GLA pricing.


So whether you need to do a Costco run, check out that cool new bar in Chinatown,  or need wheels while your own car is in the shop, car sharing is here to help – a convenient, sustainable and affordable option. Just don’t crash!

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